Lily Lashious, simply put, we love what we do. From the product design to the moment that we ship our Beauty Systems out. At Lily Lashious, we concentrate on three things, beautiful high quality lashes, superior customer service and state of the art product design. Lily Lashious was established in 2018 out of a simple need, which was the need to succeed! This husband and wife team prides themselves on operating their business from a family collective approach. Lily Lashious has answered the request of their savvy minded clientele.

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Lilly Lashious The Brand, also has innovative expansion plans in place currently, plans that include offering their New faux mink Lash Collection in hi-tech state of the art vending systems that will appear in selected shopping complexes and five star hotels around the world. This season's lash collection will offer custom reusable packaging with complete application offerings. The Lily Lashious Experience is more than just a trendy beauty company, we are committed to becoming the Premier Eye Lash and Beauty Destination.